As your birth Doula, Premsangha offers emotional, physical and informational support for mother, partner (or birth companions) and baby.  She deeply recognizes and honors the profound threshold that all cross in the experience of birth.


Premsangha brings to your birth her personal experience with pregnancy and the home births of her son, Jai in 2009 and her daughter, Soma, in 2014.  Prem has been working with pregnant and postpartum women through yoga classes, support circles, birth classes and massage therapy for over 12 years.


Premsangha deeply trusts birth and the wisdom innately at work in the bodies and minds of mamas and babies. She is passionate about supporting natural birth, as well as the conscious and compassionate use of medicine, when necessary.


Premsangha offers many modalities and tools to prepare and support you through your pregnancy and birth experience, including but not limited to:








compassionate listening


mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques


massage therapy




active pain management through touch, visualization, meditation, vocalization, aqua therapy


helping to create a sacred space


extensive resources and referrals, including

a Conscious Birth Google group

and a lending library

Birth Doula package includes:


-Two, 2-hour prenatal visits

which we use to establish a relationship of trust , answer questions, address concerns and prepare a list of birth preferences


-Support during your birth

and until 2-3 hours after your baby is born,


-2 postnatal visits

in which we may offer and receive reflections of the birth, answer questions, trouble-shoot any breastfeeding or attachment challenges, provide referrals and resources.




Please contact me to set up an informational interview!                           415.596.0229