Pre & Postnatal Massage Therapy

Taking care of ones body during  pregnancy and after birth is essential. Massage therapy catered to a woman’s needs at this precious time is an ideal way to nurture and support the intense work and rapid changes in her body.  The healing aspect of physical touch can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as alleviate some of the discomforts that are common during this profound time of growth. This work is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.


Massage Therapy

for Women

Massage Therapy is based on the Conscious Bodywork method taught at Alive and Well. This is a professional, therapeutic, non-sexual massage. It is a Swedish style, focusing on relaxation, circulation and releasing tension. The work is done on a massage table, using massage cream or oil on bare skin. The body is always modestly draped in sheets and blankets. Any concerns you may have regarding health or injuries are addressed prior to beginning.

"Every time I am in a session with Prem I feel held, nutured, and cared for on multiple levels. Her presence and  level of attunement to  just what is needed astounds me each and every visit. I could not recommend her more!"



Somatic Education

Somatic Education methods can be woven into Yoga and/or massage sessions. Soma refers to the body and Somatic Education involves working with the wisdom of the body to repattern unhealthy movement, recover from injury, and confront fears or beliefs that may be holding us back from healing.

I see clients at my home studio in San Pablo, California,

just North of El Cerrito/Richmond, off Hwy 80.


I can travel to your home for care after birth.


75 minute sessions: $108

Travel Fee: $30                           415.596.0229